How To Restart System Update On Infinix Zero

Recently, Infinix Mobility released a new System update for the Infinix Zero. The update is available free for Infinix Zero 2GB edition.

How to install system updates on Infinix Zero

The update is meant to improve user experience, fix some issues and also add some new functions. Below are some of what you would get when you update your Infinix Zero:

  1. Update to Pre-loaded apps
  2. Lockscreren Wallpaper feature
  3. Improved camera effect
  4. Removed SD shared storage
  5. Translation issues

Updating Android system is not a hard thing to do as long as you have an internet connection to download the update. In this case, the update is 77 MB in size. And you have to download it once or else the package gets corrupt. Most users have been finding it a bit hard to update their system as the download doesn’t seem to respond after a while. For example, after clicking on Download, and your network drops, and as a result, the download fails, you might not be able to resume / restart the download. each time you try this, you’ll get the message that You have a downloading task.


The update system is set to download every 3 days by default. So, normally, you may need to wait for 3 days before you can re-download. But still, that downloading task will keep preventing you from starting a new download. To fix this, you will need to follow the steps below: 
  1. Launch the file manager and delete the file and the folder system_updates.
  2. Go to Settings > Date & time > Automatic date & time and disable automatic date and time. Select Off.
  3. Now set the date to 3 or more days ahead of the last date you started the update download. For example, if you clicked to download the update on the 26th of November, set the date to 29th or more. 
  4. Go back to the system update menu and check for updates. Then re-download the update. You can check the download progress on the notification drop down. 
  5. Once the download is complete, Click to upgrade
  6. You’ll get the prompt to install the system update package. Click Ok

Your device will now be reboot into Recovery Mode to install the update and optimize your Android OS. After the update, reset your time to automatic. 

If this doesn’t work for you, increase the date range and ,ake sure you delete the traces of the downloading update package. 
Below are some images of the download and update process:
If you don’t own an Infinix Zero yet, click here to get one.


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  1. Well detailed tutorial with images to make the process easy to go through with
    Though I'm not an Infinix zero user, I'll be sure to refer those who encounter the same problem while using this device to this post .

  2. Hello Monsur,
    This is a nice tutorial, I don't use an Infinix Zero device, but I have a friend who uses it, I'll refer him here. The date stuff is really a nice tweak.
    Thanks for sharing, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  3. My Zero 2 system update takes so long to download (almost a day). And when it eventually starts, it get to 99% and stops and starts again. How do I fix this? Also, My pictures aren't display well when I view them in folders. It's just blank. Kindly help. Thanks

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