How To Save Blackberry Battery


A lot of people complain that their batteries don’t last like it used to. Most times the fault is not from the battery, it is actually from the phone. In such case, even if you’re not using the phone, the battery drains.

This could be as a result of the apps installed in the phone. We all love to have apps on our phones. Though these apps work, but hey, each app has modules. Imagine the modules running in your phone 24/7. A lot of developers came out with different softwares to help you save your battery life, but wait, are those apps not running in the background too? They also take their share of the resources and power.

Here are some common apps that might reduce your battery life:

Battery Savers, OS enhancements. Remember these apps run 24/7 in the background.

Heavy Apps:

Heavy apps come with a lot / large modules. These modules are required for the app to run on your phone and for the BBM / menu integration…

If you’re not the type that keeps applications, you might also consider shutting down any app that you’re not using at the moment. Sometimes we leave our 3rd party browsers like UC Browser / Opera running while we’re not using it. Not only the camera and the wi-fi drains your battery underground.

Conserving your phone resources really saves your battery.


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