How To Set HTML Link Attributes on Blogger Post Editor

When inserting links on Blog posts, it is necessary to note the kind of link you are inserting. A normal link without an attribute means the default rules set would be followed.

Adding attributes on the Blogger post editor is pretty easy. For example, adding a rel-nofollow attribute can be done straight from the link tool. In this post, we’ll be using the two simple methods of adding attributes to your links. From the post editor, you can set your Target link to nofollow , and if you would love to insert more attributes, you can do so from the HTML mode of the editor.

How to Add NoFollow Atrribute to Links

For example, if you wish to add a nofollow attribute to a link on Blogger, you can do so directly while still on the post. The image below shows just what you need to tick.

How to set a link as nofollow
  1. Click on the link tool on the editor
  2. Enter the title you would like the link to have
  3. Input the link/target address
  4. Tick the  Add ‘rel=nofollow’ attribute
  5. Click OK

Now if you wish to set another attribute like opening a link on a new tab, you can add that by using the html mode of the editor.

  1. Add a link like we did in the method above
  2. In the editor, beside the Compose button, click HTML
  3. Find the link you want to setup. You can se CTRL+F and type <a href=” to locate the link easily. For example <a href=''
  4. Insert target="_blank after the address or anywhere before the enclosing > character

You can use both nofollow and target=’blank’ together on the same link. If you didn’t tick the nofollow option on the link tool, you can simply add it from the HTML.

If you want all your links to open on a new tab by default, you can learn how to make links open on new tabs here .

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