How To Share Files Using Wi-Fi Direct on Blackberry 10


Sharing files on Blackberry 10 is actually as easy as sharing on Android. Though most users find sharing on Android easier because there are a lot of apps in the Playstore that saves you the trouble of setting up a connection. Examples of such apps are Xender, Shareit, and Superbeam.

On Blackberry 10, sharing files with Xender or the similar apps is not that easy as you still need to do some tweaks. You turn off wifi, launch Xender…… Thats confusing. Why go through such trouble when you can just share multiple files without any app at once using your Blackberry 10 Wi-Fi Direct feature?

How to share files using Wi-Fi Direct

Note that this is only for Blackberry to Blackberry devices. I cannot guarantee if it would work with Android. It didn’t work with the Android devices I crossed with.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on both devices
  • Under Wifi, click the Wi-Fi direct tab
  • To share files, selct the file / files you wish to send and  tap Share in the options
  • Select Wi-Fi Direct
  • Your device searches for available devices (devices that support Wi-Fi Direct like your device). Select the receiving device. Note that Wi-Fi Direct must be turned on on the second device
  • A connection request toast will appear on the receiving device. Tap Accept
  • A file transfer notification toast will appear asking you to accept the file. Tap Yes. Note that the first notification was only to accept connection to the device.

If you would like to connect to a device manually instead of waiting for the connection request to come up, just head over to the Wi-Fi Direct tab and when it searches for devices supporting WiFi Direct, select the device you wish to connect. This way you only need to allow file transfer from the sending device.


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