How to UnRoot Android Devices with KingRoot App

Previously, we talked about how to root Android devices easily without using a PC. With root, you have full control over your device, but that same way, Root may also void the warranty of that device. Without even caring about the warranty, there might be a need to unroot your device. 
We would talk about the most common reason why you may need to do a full unroot.

OTA Updates
When you receive OTA updates on your device, it is recommended to full unroot the device before installing the update to avoid bricking the device. Also, if you have installed a Custom Recovery, you also need to restore the Stock Recovery for a successful Update. 
Factory Reset
If you’re planning to restore your device to factory settings, you also need to unroot the device. You know, it’s always good to be on the safe side when performing tasks that has to do with the Operating System. 

How To UnRoot and Remove KingRoot on an Android Device

==> Launch KingRoot

==> Tap the Options button on the top right corner and Click General Settings 
==> Click Uninstall KingRoot 
How to UnRoot Android Devices with KingRoot App
==> Now you have two options to either Unroot the device fully or uninstall only the KingRoot App. If you would like to install another Super User management app like Super SU from Chainfire , you may backup root. But if you want a full unroot, Untick the option and click OK.
How to UnRoot Android Devices with KingRoot App

==> Wait till the process is completed.

After unrooting the device and installing the OTA Update, you can Re-Root the device freely.

If you encounter any problems, feel free to ask in the comment section


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