How To Upload XML Sitemap To Blogger

Uploading xml sitemaps on blogger to Google webmaster Tools or Bing webmasters is one of the most asked questions by site owners looking for traffic to their site. Since they need to give search engines their contents. On Blogger, the question is How do i upload? or How do I generate sitemaps?

If all you want to do with the sitemap is to submit, then I don’t think you need to bother yourself about generating any xml file.

Now depending on your domain / subdomain, if you’ve pointed your blog to a domain or if you still use ‘‘  you can submit a xml sitemap using this method i’ll be showing in this post. This method can be used on both Google and Bing Webmasters tools.

Before anything, you need to put some things in place. Make sure your your ‘Site Feed’ FULLY Allows blog feeds. On your dashboard, go to settings > Other > Site Feed. Choose FULL (as you have it in the image below)

How To Upload XML Sitemap To Blogger

If you have submitted your sitemap to google / bing webmaster tools using the /atom.xml method, your number of posts might be limited to 26. Even if your published posts are more than 26.

Many bloggers face this problem and I WAS one of them. In this post is another method (better) to submit your sitemap without limits / restriction.

Depending on the number of posts you have, you can specify the maximum number of posts to be submitted. That’s a very good advantage.


  • Log on to Google / Bing Webmaster Tools,
  • Click on Crawl on the left
  • Select Sitemaps
  • Towards the top right side of the page, click ADD/TEST SITEMAP,
  • Now in the space provided, input sitemap.xml
How To Upload XML Sitemap To Blogger

NOTE that it will fall after So don’t include ???.com/. Your domain is already shown before the text box.

It is advisable to delete the old sitemaps you’ve submitted earlier before using this.
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  1. This is really a good stuff and the blog is really informative and entertaining same time. The goal is to get citizens designing and discussing facilities. I think that there are many people, those can gain benefit from this site. I appreciate the efforts made by you. I was searching for something like that I wish you great blessings and love.
    Noor Alam form Bangladesh

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    Yes it will be indexed. You may give it about 12 to 24 hours for it to be completed depending on how many posts you have.

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  3. ooh thanks very much it is full submitted but pending for indexing i.t I believe it will index all as a final stage. Thank you for nice education may God bless you and live longer. Click my name to see the website I have configured sitemap by using education from

  4. Thank you for nice education you give us. I am setting it now on my website you can click on my name to see the website, was before but I get the message in my Google webmaster tool account that site map status submitted but "pending". will I succeed for that status?

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