How To Use Glo BIS On Android And PC

Internet subscription for Android and PC seems over expensive in Nigeria. But it is really expensive. Now there’s good news. Glo BIS is now working on non Blackberry devices. And this is a tutorial on how to use your Glo BIS Subscription on Android devices and PC.

I feel all these loopholes as we call it are just to pull in more customers. Whether you spend N1400 on Glo or Airtel to get more than 1GB for a month, it’s all the same.

How To Use Glo BIS On Android And PC

Now here we go. You need 2 things before you can use your Glo BIS on your computer.

  1. An OS5 or OS6 Device (for Blackberry users)
  2. Glo BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription)
  3. Blackberry Desktop Software Version 6. If you do not have it installed on your computer, download and install it. 

NOTE: If you have an OS7 device e.g Bold 5, Bold 6, Curve 7, Curve 8 et.c., it won’t work. If your BB Desktop software is Version 7, it will also not work. So, this only works around OS5 and OS6.

Now let’s get going. The first thing to do here is subscribe to a Glo BIS plan. The Glo BIS subscription codes are listed below.

Glo BIS Plans:

Glo Monthly BIS Plan (N1400 – 3GB) : Text Comonth to 777 or dial *777*21#

NOTE: Subscribe to your preferred plan with a non-Blackberry Device. Then after the subscription, you can insert the sim card on your BB.

How To Setup APN on Android

NOTE: To use Glo BIS on your android device, you need to change your IMEI to that of blackberry. After that, setup your access point.

If you haven’t changed your IMEI or you don’t know how to change it, you can READ ALL ABOUT CHANGING ANDROID IMEI HERE .

  1. Goto Settings
  2. Select Mobile Networks
  3. Click on APN (Access point names) and select your desired sim (if on a dual-sim device).
  4. Open menu and Select New APN or tap the + button on the top right corner (Android Lollipop Devices).
  5. In the field for APN, input . Leave the other spaces blank since this is a BIS plan. 
  6. Save the profile.

How To Setup APN On PC

You need to get and install blackberry desktop manager to do this.
  1. Launch BB desktop software.
  2. Click on the Tools tab and select Mobile Internet Settings from the drop down menu.
  3. Create a new profile.
  4. In the space for Access point, input . Leave the spaces for username and password blank.
  5. Save your profile.
  6. Now Connect by clicking on the Mobile Internet button.
You can always connect / disconnect by clicking on the mobile internet button on the bottom left corner of the manager.

Now you can use the internet on your device without worries. Don’t download too much though 😀

This was tested and confirmed WORKING. But it will not connect with datacards or Symbian devices used as modem for PC. Use Blackberry Desktop Software.

READ! : Possible Issues And How To Fix Them

    You may experience a drop in your BIS coverage once you press the connect button on the Blackberry Desktop Software which causes the internet disconnection. To fix this, go to Manage Connections on your Blackberry Device.

    Turn off your mobile network (not data) and once it is off, turn it back on immediately. As soon as the data coverage returns on your device (Capital EDGE or 3G), click on the Mobile Internet button on the Blackberry Desktop Software.


    Airtel Blackberry Unlimited Plan is now 1500 for 3GB. You may check it out here


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      1. Tried to use this but my BB desktop software won't let me change the APN to Tried over and over. Please any advice on that? Am using version 7.1

      2. err. . . I tried connecting with my torch2 and BB desktop software 6.0 but it's not working. any ideas pls? or if u don't mind giving me ur number, i'd give u a call asap.

      3. Thanks for this, but i tried doing it as you said for the non bb devices, i.e subscribing in a non bb device, the money was taken but no mb given. What's the ish bro?

      4. I get the message ………" the access point isn't valid. Contact your wireless service provider for more information "……..whenever I try to change my APN to Am using BB desktop software version 7.1. Pls advice on how to proceed further? Thanks

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