How To Use UC Browser Without BIS On Blackberry

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UC Browser is obviously one of the best 3rd party browsers available. With so many advantages over the others. One is the multiple connectivity options.

With UC Browser, you can select which access point you wish to browse. That is, you can choose to use BIS, Wifi or any other available option.

Now, in the case of blackberry, the default access point is and it works only if you have an active BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription). So when the service is unavailable, the phone becomes quite useless (talking about internet). With UC Browser, you can still browse on your phone even with another data bundle or even your airtime.

How Do I Browse With UC Browser Without BIS ?

The steps are pretty simple. Just make sure you know the type of access point you’re about to use. Follow the steps below:

Step 1

  • Go to phone Options > Advanced Options > TCP/IP,
  • Tick ‘APN Settings Enabled’ ,
  • Enter the desired access point in the space below. And if username / password is required, tick ‘APN Authentication Enabled. Then enter the username & password.

Step 2

  • Launch UC Browser,
  • Go to Settings > Preferences,

  • Select Network,
  • Click the ‘Default Access Point‘ menu,

  • Now scroll through the available options and click anyone you like. *If you wish to use your data (MB) / airtime, select TCP *,

  • Launch menu and select save changes.


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