How to Use WhatsApp as a Search Engine

How to Use WhatsApp as a Search Engine

WhatsApp, the free messaging app now, is not just a messaging app anymore. In addition to the messaging features which it offers, WhatsApp can also be used as a Search Engine.
Now if you’re wondering how it can be used and how you’ll get results for your search queries on the User Interface, this feature only works as a mini search engine. It uses Wikipedia Channel.

WhatsApp Search Engine

How to use Search Queries on WhatsApp

  1. Save this number +918148911230 on your phone as Wikipedia.
  2. Launch the WhatsApp application, open the menu and create a New Group.
  3. Add only the Wikipedia contact you saved in step 1 as the only participant.
  4. To search, go to the group you created and type Wiki, leave a space, and enter your search query. For example Wiki NGBrain.
  5. Now when you get the search results, you can search further by typing the number of the result you choose. Like in our snapshot above, we entered 1 to choose the first result.

There you have it. What would you like to search for? With this feature, I can search for terms and get a simple result unlike on Google where you might get loads of unrelated results on the first page. Let’s say I want a definition of a term, I just type it and get what the simple meaning. Why not try this out?

And if you’re wondering what I’m looking for about Inter Milan, that’s my favourite Football Club. *Winks*

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