Instagram Revamps Design and Logo. What Do You Say?

Meet the new Instagram app User Interface with the new design and logo. The new UI is built in a simple and modern fashion with white being the most visible colour, unlike in the former design where the bottom bar clearly stands out with its solid colour.

This new design is no doubt lovely, but the logo doesn’t quite win most people’s hearts. Most users actually prefer the old to the new logo. Most users shared their opinions when Instagram unveiled the new design in a video on their page. The new update is now available for iOS and Android Users.

So if you use any of the devices that support Instagram, try getting the update because in my opinion, it is something we’ll all get used to. The only thing that’s not really blending in is the new logo. 

For Blackberry 10 users, you can use an Instagram Client like inst10 which in place of the native Instagram app.


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