MediaTek Reveals MT2523 Processor Series Designed for Smartwatches

MediaTek Reveals MT2523 Processor Series Designed for Smartwatches

MediaTek has revealed the MT2523 processor series in its CES 2016 announcements.
The new MT2523 is designed specifically for Smartwatches and is the world’s first system-in-package (SiP) to offer GPS, dual-mode Bluetooth Low Energy, and a MIPI-supported high-resolution mobile screen.

Below is part of Mediatek’s announcement:

MediaTek’s MT2523 product family is based around a highly integrated system in package (SiP) that contains a micro controller unit (MCU), dual-mode Bluetooth, GPS and a power management unit (PMU). The MCU enables wearable devices with lower power consumption and smaller form factors than Android Wear. The display component supports MIPI-DSI and serial interfaces, resulting in a high-resolution mobile screen. It includes 2D capabilities of true color, per pixel alpha channel and anti-aliasing fonts, plus 1-bit index color to save memory and computing power. MT2523’s low power comes from its ARM Cortex-M4 processor, which combines high-efficiency signal processing functionality with low power, low cost and ease-of-use benefits.

The MT2523 will be available to device makers to use in their smartwatches starting in the first half of 2016, according to MediaTek.


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