Microsoft Ends Support For Windows XP

Microsoft Ends Support For Windows XP

Mocrosoft has now officially ended support for Windows XP.

Windows XP users will no longer get security patches and other technical support from Microsoft, meaning they will no longer receive security updates, patches, bug fixes and so on from Windows Update.

Security firms and experts claimed users still using the old Windows XP OS face vulnerability as it would be prone to infection and cyber attacks. Users who ignored OS updates (Windows 7 & Windows 8) are advised to migrate and upgrade to the latest OS for better user experience and security via hotfixes and updates.

It is clear that some governmebnt agencies and also ATMs use Windows XP. This move would really affect them.

Some organizations were reported to have made deals with Microsoft to extend support for them through custom XP. The organizations include :

  • The U.K. government, which will pay 5.548 million pounds ($10.1 million) to support the use of  Windows XP, Office 2004 and Exchange 2003 by national and local government departments, schools and national health services for a year.
  • The government of the Netherlands, which will pay millions of euros to support up to 40,000 PCs, according to Dutch technology website Webwereld.
  • U.S. bank JP Morgan, which will start converting its 19,000 bank machines to Windows 7 in July, according to Bloomberg Businessweek and has purchased service for one year.
  • The London Metropolitan Police force, which still has over 99 per cent of its computers running XP, according to the London-based Computer Business Review. 

The custom XP is targetted at bigger businesses, but not small individuals. 

Smaller businesses are recommended to contact Microsoft Pinpoint, an online service that can help them find the right hardware, software and applications for their transition away from XP.


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