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If you subscribe to a limited BIS plan e.g Airtel and Glo, you may worry about exhausting your data allowance before end of the 30 days given. But you can keep track of your bandwidth with a variety of apps. Though the aren’t much in the market.

I’ve evaluated quite a number and scored them based on their performance and resource consumption. At last, I found the best –

“Network Traffic Control”. This app is necessary on blackberry. This app records and monitor your data traffic and warns you if you’re close to exceeding your data cap. You can change the preferences to suit your plan (If you don’t want to exceed a range before the day or month run out, you can change the digits). You can choose when you want the app to notify you. The little app shows you a warning icon when you’re close to the limit. You may also hide the notification for the month if you wish. The app is free.

How change settings:

1- Launch the app

2- Scroll down to ‘Billing Setup’ & Click ‘Setup Billing Now’

3- Enable or disable the overuse alarm (your choice)

4- Under the ‘Packaged Traffic’ section, Input your desired limit (e.g if you’re on a 1GB plan, you may input 900MB so it notifies you of how much you’ve exhausted)

5- If you’re on a monthly plan, you may clear the pricing section (since you’ve paid for the whole month)

6- Now if you wish to hide the notification, just scroll down and click ‘Hide the notification for this month.

You can get this little app from the Blackberry World. It’s free. Just search for keywords like ‘traffic, monitor, network’.


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