MTN Daily Unlimited Data Plan for N150

MTN Nigeria has introduced a daily unlimited data plan for N150. Unlike Airtel’s unlimited data plan which lasts for an hour at N180, this lasts for a day. If you’re already thinking it might not be unlimited, this is real. No Speed throttling so far like a past experience with Etisalat.

How to Activate MTN Unlimited Data Plan

What you need to know about this is; this plan is actually an offer, not a general data plan. It is not available for all SIMS. So, only eligible SIMSs can enjoy the offer. We still don’t know the criteria used by the Telecommunications network for choosing the eligible SIMs. But, it’s worth trying out even if you’re not eligible in the end.

  • Recharge / have a minimum balance of N150 on your line
  • Dial *567*59#
  • You will be provided with two options, enter 1 to Activate N150 Unlimited Data
How to activate mtn N150 daily unlimited plan

If you don’t know if you’re eligible or not, just try and dial the code. If you’re not eligible for the package, you would be replied with the message ‘Sorry, you are not eligible for this package…’

MTN N150 Plan Not Eligible

This plan is recommended if you have large files to download.

TIP: Save large files you would need to download online using a cloud service like Dropbox, Microsoft One Note, Google Drive, Box, UCloud and so on. Then after subscribing to this unlimited daily plan, you can download freely.


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