New Glo Blackbery Internet Subscription Rates

Not long ago, we received texts from Glo about one huge 3GB Plan for 1500, but I never took it serious since the Blackberry Complete Plan which costs only N1000 was working fine. There are rumours on the net that Glo has discontinued the Blackberry complete plan, but no, Glo has not. Now, the Glo BIS Complete Plan has been increased from 1000 to 1400 Naira. The only change Glo made was the price increase. The data allowance still remains 3 Gigabyte.

There is also the Blackberry Absolute Plan which costs 1500, but with the same 3GB cap. If your aim is to use the Glo BIS on a non-BB device, simply subscribe to the Blackberry complete Plan. This plan still works perfectly on non-blackberry devices like Android if you have changed the Android IMEI to Blackberry IMEI .

How to Subscribe to New Glo BIS Complete

To subscribe for the monthly plan, recharge N1400 and send Comonth to 777 or

Dial *777# and follow this >> Blackberry Services >>  Buy Blackberry Plan >> Non BB 10 Plans.

New Glo Blackbery Internet Subscription Rates - Glo BIS is now 1400

To check out other data plans for Blackberry 10 devices, dial *777# and follow the prompts. 


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