Simple Way to Install CWM Recovery on Android Devices Without PC

If you would like to install Custom Roms or go deep down experimenting on your Android device, you obviously need to install a Custom Recovery like CWM (Clockworkmode) Recovery on your device. Unlike some other phones, installing a CWM Recovery on MTK phones is easy.

Simple Way to Install CWM Recovery on Android Devices Without PC

The Stock ROM is a bit limited as it does not allow you to flash roms / recovery directly from your SD Card, but with a custom Recovery like CWM, that is easy and straight forward as long as you have your Recovery IMG handy. Now to install CWM on your device, you need to have the following in place:

  • Root (Your device must be rooted)
  • CWM Recovery IMG
  • Rashr (download here)
  • SD Card


It is recommended to backup your Stock Recovery before proceeding. Once you have backed up the stock recovery, you can continue with the steps after the images below.
Rashr Recovery BackupRashr Recovery Backup

  • Place the Recovery IMG in the Micro SD Card of your device
  • Launch Rashr
  • Tap Recovery from Storage
Rashr Recovery Backup

  • Navigate to where you saved the CWM Recovery IMG on your SD card.
  • Once the process is completed, boot into Recovery mode.
This method works for most MTK devices and can be used on Infinix, Tecno and even Elephone devices available today. if you would like to flash Custom Roms on your Infinix Hot Note or Hot Note Pro, you need to install a Custom Recovery. You can also revert to the Stock Recovery again using the same process above.


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