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Store files up to 2GB permanently in the cloud. And up to 4GB temporarily for 7 days.

Do you have files you want to store but you are afraid of keeping it on your computer or on a flash drive for fear of data loss via crash or virus attack?

Have u ever wanted to download a file from a site but the download has a time limit…?

Probably once in 24 hours. Maybe you want to download a file of about 100mb and you are only given 5mins to download it.. The download stops after the time frame and you can’t resume / download again (until the time lapses). Prolly till the next day. Depending on your network, you know you might not be able to download 100mb in minutes”. Edge users will understand this better.

Why not use Cloud download?

One of my favourite Cloud storage service is UCloud.

What is UCloud?

UCloud is a cloud storage service that let’s you store files safely in the cloud. If you know UC Browser, you might have come across UCloud / UDisk or Cloud download (in the symbian version) in the download notice page.

UCloud gives you 2GB permanent storage and at the same time a renewable 4GB temporary storage. That makes a total of 6GB. And all is for FREE.

The 2GB is permanent cos whatever you store in there remains intact till you delete it. But the temporary & renewable 4GB storage only lasts for a week if it is not renewed. Meaning anything you store in there will expire at the end of the week. That’s not a problem though, you have the grace of renewing the storage before the 7-day period elapses.

Depending on the priority, you know the files to keep in the permanent storage and those in the temporary. Maybe files you just stumble on. That makes it serve as a kind of download manager (kind of). You can always get back to download your files as long as its still live.

How To Use UDisk:

To use UCloud / UDisk, you need to register at UCloud Website . It is advisable to have UC Browser installed on your phone if you’ll be using the service from your phone because of its FAST and powerful download manager. UDisk is integrated in Android & Symbian versions.

When you login into your account, you’ll see the see the different sections / folders which are;

  • My Files – This is the 2GB storage. It is permanent. 
  • Temp-file Station – This is the 4GB temporary storage. You can renew it by downloading the files in it.
  • Cloud downloads – This is where you manage your download tasks.

How To Download To UDisk

If you want to download to UDisk or you do not want to download from a site immediately, you can copy the download link and paste it directly into the space provided at the “cloud download (3 above)” page.

On Symbian versions, instead of downloading directly to your device, select Udisk. The file will be saved for you till you’re ready to download.

You can manage your downloads / tasks from your computer if you have Google chrome or Mozilla firefox installed. All you need to do is get the UDisk extension / add-on. You can get it at their official website. Android & Symbian users don’t need to download any extension.

NOTE : The 2GB is permanent and doesn’t expire. The 4GB is temporary and is renewed as you download the stored files.


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