Upload Files Up To 15GB On The Internet For Free With Google Drive

Upload Files Up To 15GB On The Internet For Free With Google Drive

Google Drive is a free online storage service from Google Inc. which gives you free 15GB cloud storage. With one Google account, you can enjoy this service along with all other services at no cost. Google drive can be used as a locker and at the same time host your files.

With Google Drive, you can backup all your important files and folders and also acces them anytime. This is another way of storing your files on the internet for free

How To Upload files To Google drive

Before you can use Google drive, you need to open a google account. If you have a Gmail, blogger or any other account from a google powered service, you can login with the credentials.

  1. Visit Google Drive website and login. You don’t have to login again if you’re already logged in to Google.
  2. To upload files, click on the red arrow button beside the create button.
  3. Select the kind of document you would like to upload. Be it a file or a folder. 
  4. Navigate to where your file or folder to be uploaded is.
  5. Click Open and your file will be uploaded instantly. 

uploading files to google drive
uploading file or folder to google drive

Once your files are live in the cloud, you may rename, move or delete them as you wish. You may also
create folders to sort out your files easily. 

You can install Google Drive for your computer. To do that, click on the download link on the left
part of the page.


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