How To Verify Site Ownership On Bing Webmaster Toolbox


Site verification is the most important step when it comes to submitting your site to search engines. Bing’s method is quite different from Google’s. It requires you to verify that you own the site by accessing your account / proving your control over the site.

I like their method though. Now as you know, Blogger offers free hosting to users, so you don’t have to worry about hosts. You only have access to your dashboard.

Now when Bing asks you to verify your site ownership, you wonder where to upload the xml file,

or how to access DNS settings. Bing gives 3 verification options to suite whichever plan you’re on. 

The options are:

  1. xml file upload,
  2. Copying & pasting the <meta> tag in your webpage,
  3. Adding CNAME record to DNS.
Now back to the procedures. If you have access to your Cpanel, you can use OPTION 1.
But if you’re on blogger or any similar platform, you can use any of the other two options (2 & 3).
In this tutorial, i’ll be talking about options 2 and 3, because most this is where most bloggers encounter problems. Now how do i go about it? 
OPTION 2 (Copying & pasting the <meta> tag in your webpage):
Here, you’ll be required to  log on to your dashboard / site and edit the HTML. You have to paste the given code to you by Bing under your <head> tag.
Copy the code given to you.
  1. When you are in the template edit section, press CTRL+F to find and input <head>.
  2. Place the cursor just after the > symbol and press the ENTER key to create a new line.
  3. Paste the code you copied in the new line.
  4. Now go back to the verification page and clock VERIFY.
OPTION 3 (Add CNAME record to DNS)
If you’ve pointed your blog to a custom domain, you can use this method. To use this, you need to login to your domain registrar’s page e.g Godaddy, namecheap….et.c and create a new alias just the same way you linked your pointed your domain. You must enter the parameters given (like in the image below) (copy your own codes- that in the image is for Brain Techz).

Select your DNS provider from the box given. and if your provider is not included, choose Other.

(In this post, I used Namecheap because of those that won’t fine their provider in the list. And as at the date I published this, Namecheap is not included).
==>> Login to your DNS provider’s page.
==>> In your account, select the desired domain (yourdomain.??)
==>> Click on ‘All host records
On the next page, choose any free space / row and copy the specific code / parameters given by Bing on your verification page.
==>> Under the Host Name column, enter the long alphanumeric code. And for IP adrress / URL, enter ‘ the quotes)

==>> For Record type, choose CNAME (Alias)

==>> Scroll down and click save. 
Now go back to your verification window, click VERIFY 

==>> Now you’re done. Head to your dash board and check the ownership status. Verified!


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