What To Do If You’re Not Eligible For The Free 500 MB On A NEW Infinix Zero From Etisalat

Infinix Zero Black

If you’ve just got the new Infinix Zero, you surely have 500 MB from Etisalat waiting for you to redeem. That is only possible when you insert your Etisalat Sim Card in the new phone.

When you insert your sim card in the new Infinix Zero for the first time, you dont get the Free data straight away. You have to dial the activation codes / send an sms (on the device pack). But you may get the error message that you’re not eligible for the offer even though your device is brand new. This error occurs when your Etisalat sim card is not the default Sim card on your device. What i mean by default is the SIM SLOT 1.  if you’ve set your SIM 2 as the default SIM, you won’t be able to redeem the free 500 MB.


Looking at the two IMEIs of your device, the system only recognizes the SIM 1 IMEI. So you can only get the data when the code / command is sent from the SIM 1 slot. So to get your 500 MB straight away, it is recommended you remove your other sim card from your Infinix Zero and leave only the Etisalat sim in there, then send the code.

After trying that above, you should get a congratulation response from Etisalat.


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