Whatsapp Adds Voice Messaging Feature


Whatsapp, which is one of the most popular chat apps has finally added the Voice Message feature. This feature allows users to record and send voice messages easily and directly instead of sending individual recorded files. The upgrade is available on all platforms (Android, iphone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Nokia S40). This feature can be used at no additional cost. All you need is a data plan (as operator charges may apply).

The voice messaging feature works in form of Push to talk (or let’s call it push to talk) similar to that of Wechat and others in the category. To use the feature, you simply hold down the dedicated key for your device (e.g the space button for Blackberry). While you’re holding down the button, you simply say what you have to say then release it. The message is sent automatically. You don’t need to go through the menu. It is different from Voice Note. And there’s no limit to the duration of the voice messages. It is being transferred just the way you say it. About the volume, that depends on how close you place your microphone.

Whatsapp shows you the state of your voice message if it has been delivered or not.

This feature is very useful when you can’t type at the moment, but need to reply that person you’re chatting with. It only needs one hand. And an advantage of this feature is that you can use it across different platforms unlike the BBM Voice chat (at the moment).


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